Glee’s Fond Farewell

It was a heavy heart and a few sighs of relief that we farewell Glee tonight.

When the show launched in 2009 no one expected it to be as big as it was within hours of it’s launch in the US people had fallen in love with a musical drama. The show’s popularity saw the cast become instant sensations  even doing a publicity tour to Australia before the series launched.

While the writing wasn’t always the best in the latter season Ryan Murphey’s story about a high school show choir of geeks and misfits struck a cord with a viewers using a cast of characters that were breaking the mould by being themselves

After 120 episodes of love, laughter, heartbreak, tragedy and of course song the show reminds us that Dreams Come True. It’s finl hour manges to end the six year roller-coaster with a fitting farewell for the characters who told us to Don’t Stop Believing

Glee airs 9:30pm Tonight  on Eleven .