Fiona O’Loughlin Crowned Queen Of The Jungle.

Australia has voted Fiona O’Loughlin as their Queen of the Jungle after a spectacular season of I’m a Celebrity.

Over the past six weeks, Australia has fallen in love with Fiona’s honesty and humour. The camp mates were brought to tears on many occasions when Fiona opened up about her struggle with alcohol and recent carbon monoxide poisoning. After overcoming so much, nothing could faze Fiona in the jungle and she proved to be a cherished member of camp.

Fiona formed strong friendships with all of the celebrities, in particular Peter Rowsthorn, who became her on-screen husband through their alter egos Ron and Brenda. Playing the role of a married couple, Ron and Brenda added much needed laughter and entertainment to camp.

During her time in the jungle, Fiona took part in 12 Tucker Trials. She skydived out of a plane on the opening night, leapt from a hot air balloon in the trial Hot Swingers and ate a number of animal body parts and critters in various eating challenges.

On Valentine’s Day, Fiona learnt she will be a grandmother when she received a touching letter from her daughter Tess. She had an emotional reunion with her sister Cate and son Albert when they surprised her in camp yesterday.

Aussie rocker Shannon Noll was voted by Australia as runner-up in tonight’s extravagant Grand Finale and world champion boxer Danny Green took third place earlier in the evening.

Nicknamed the “most Australian bloke ever”, Shannon was a friendly, helpful and likeable camp mate. He participated in 13 trials and was a team player from the start, always supporting his fellow celebrities and helping them conquer their fears.

Around camp, Shannon opened up about his personal life and time in the limelight. He formed friendships with Danny, Peter and Josh Gibson, and was known for lifting moods and spirits by playing his guitar.

Danny entered camp as an intruder in week two and came face-to-face with his long-standing boxing rival, Anthony Mundine. He beat Anthony in the Heavyweight Championship trial and also endured the infamous Viper Room alongside Anthony.

During his time in the jungle, Danny took part in 12 trials and proved himself to be an extremely strong, focussed and determined member of camp. He encouraged his fellow peers and grew close to Peter, Josh, Shannon, and Paul Burrell, who Danny taught to swim and box.

After an emotional 24 hours, Shannon and Danny were ecstatic for Fiona to take the crown and win $100,000 for her chosen charity, Angel Flight.