Chambers Review

Tomorrow  Netflix releases its new spooky original series, Chambers.

Chambers tells the story of Sasha (Suvan Alyra Rose), a teenager who lives with her Uncle Frank (Marcus La Voi), who is about to embark on a night out with her boyfriend TJ (Griffin Powell-Arcand). As the night develops and things get steamy between the couple, Sasha suffers a heart attack.

Sasha survives the heart attack thanks to a heart transplant from Becky (Lilliya Scarlett Reid) and this is where things start to get weird. After Sasha’s recovery, she is contacted by Ben (Tony Goldwyn), Becky’s father, who invites her and Frank to dinner with him and his wife Nancy (Uma Therman) and their son Elliot (Nicholas Galitzine).

True intentions are revealed and Sasha’s world changes forever as she goes on a quest to learn more about Becky, connecting with the heart that now beats in her body.

Chambers, created by Leah Rachel, is a creepy look at death, the things we do in the face of grief, and what happens when the organs inside us are no longer ours.

The series has an interesting premise, and after watching the first four episodes, I’m intrigued to see where it goes, especially after its slow start.

Thurman and Goldwyn are no doubt the drawcards here, but Sivan Alrya Rose gives a captivating performance as Sasha, drawing you into her story.

Chambers isn’t for the faint of heart, so if you’re wanting to check this series out, keep the lights on.


3/5 Stars

Chambers premieres Friday on Netflix.