Bachelor’s Explosive Showdown

Drama and rivalries reached boiling point, threatening to derail Matty J’s search for true love on The Bachelor.

Tonight began with a single date, with Matty, , picking up body painter Alix , in an Aston Martin and heading off for an adrenalin-filled day of wakeboarding. New to the sport, Alix took a few spills before finally wowing Matty with her athleticism.

Back at the mansion, the other ladies were shocked to see a beautiful blonde arrive. They were relieved to learn the mystery woman was not an intruder, but Matty’s older sister Kate. As Kate settled in to get to know the ladies vying for her brother’s affections, she quickly picked up on one Bachelorette whom she felt was not there for the right reasons.

Simone mentioned to Kate that Leah had not been nice to her. during the first two weeks in the mansion. Elora then voiced  concern that Leah may not have been honest with Matty about her profession, setting off alarm bells for the protective older sister.

The group date saw Leah, Tara, Elise, Laura and Jen attempt to entertain a group of fiveyear-olds. Proud uncle to baby George, Matty was keen to see if the girls could keep up with him and gave them the task of helping the tiny tots create erupting volcanos.

With everyone focused on the job at hand, Kate took Leah aside to confront her about the allegations from the other ladies and Leah came clean about her past.

Back inside the classroom, Laura had a rocky start with the kids, but her ability to bounce back did not go unnoticed by Matty, who pulled her aside for some alone time. Aboard the Nepean Belle steamboat, not even rain could dampen Matty and Laura’s spirits, with the pair discussing children between laughter and kisses.

On her return to the mansion, Leah was determined to get to the bottom of who had spoken about her to Kate, pointing the finger at various Bachelorettes.  Before the cocktail party, Kate urged Matty to have an honest conversation with Leah.

With Matty pulling Leah aside, they had a conversation in which Leah discussed her previous job before admitting about Simone: “In the first two weeks in here, I was like, ‘She’s going to explode. I’m going to push her buttons.’ We just drove each other up the wall.”

At the end of the cocktail party, Matty took Leah aside and said: “There is one common denominator with all this drama in the mansion and that’s yourself. I was shocked when you mentioned that early on, you saw Simone at breaking point, and instead of helping her, you decided to push her buttons.

“I’m here because I genuinely want to find someone that I can fall in love with, [but] I’m being distracted by the drama, so I do think that it’s best if you leave.” Leah said goodbye to Matty, adding: “I really wish you luck in cutting through the fake bullsh*t, because there’s lots of it.”