Bachelor Breakdown leads to a shocking exit

Did anyone see that exit on The Bachelor coming?

Matty picked Elise for her first single date, leaving Jennifer and Simone seething with anger that they were overlooked again.

With Sydney and London two cities that are close to his heart, Matty wanted to highlight both for the date, taking Elise on a big red bus tour around his favourite Sydney spots.

Following a competitive game of hockey, a stunning harbour cruise ride and an intimate spa session together under the stars, Matty presented Elise with a rose and the pair shared a passionate first kiss.

All nine Bachelorettes arrived for a group date on a beach, then divided into two teams to play a series of games, including lacrosse and volleyball.  With extra time with Matty up for grabs, the girls’ competitive side came out but it was Lisa, Elora, Tara and Cobie who landed precious one-on-one time with the Bachelor.

While Matty and Tara had a private chat that resulted in a kiss, Lisa revealed to Elora and Cobie that she was unsure about her feelings towards Matty.

Tempers flared at the cocktail party, when Jennifer took it upon herself to let Matty know exactly what she overhead Lisa saying about him. Cutting straight to the chase, Jennifer told Matty that Lisa regarded him like a brother and thought his main motivation for being The Bachelor was to “get his social status up”.

Tensions exploded when Elise, Elora, Tara and Cobie confronted Jennifer over the accusations and her approach to the situation, with Jennifer maintaining she was simply driven by her loyalty to Matty.

Speaking to Matty about Jennifer’s claims, Lisa said: “We had our single date straight up and from that time… I feel like I don’t really know you that well. I don’t actually see you as my brother but it is just the way I chat to you is the way I would chat to a mate.”

Having lost the trust of the girls and unsure about where she stood with Matty, Jennifer decided to make a quiet exit from the mansion without saying goodbye.

In one of the most dramatic of exits in Bachelor history Jen dragged her suitcase down the driveway, the 27-year-old marketing manager said: “I’m not settling for anything less than I deserve. I’m the girl that walked away from Matty J. That’s me.”