Australian Survivor Tribal Twist ends in surprising way

Last night Survivor continued to surprise with an episode full of twists.

Still finding their feet in the newly-formed tribes, the Castaways were hungry for a win in tonight’s Reward Challenge, especially with a roast lunch reward up for grabs. After many heated contests, Construction Manager Robbie finally won out over Dual Rugby Legend Mat and secured the win for the Contenders.

After lunch, when most of the Contenders went to bed on full bellies, Benji finally made his move to search for the hidden Immunity Idol. Tip-toeing into the darkness across the coralfilled shores, Benji managed to fly under the radar and pocketed the Idol for his keeping.

At the Immunity Challenge, the two tribes put their bodies on the line to navigate a circuit challenge requiring brutal strength and teamwork. Powerhouse Aerial Skier Lydia proved instrumental to the Contenders tribe in gaining a solid lead over the Champions. While Fitness Specialist Steve and Mat put in a tough fight catching-up to the Contenders, it was not enough to give them an Immunity win. The Contenders walked away with another victory and the special reward to observe the Champions Tribal Council meeting.

The mood was sombre at the Champions beach as they prepared for another vote, which left outsiders Tegan and Shonee scrambling for their survival in the game.  Astrophysicist Sam presented the brutal truth that the tribe would be voting to protect their original members and one of them would ultimately be going home. But as the cracks began to surface in the original Champs alliance, it became clear Tegan and Shonee’s fight was not over yet.

Despite some bold moves from Tegan and Shonee to place the target on Champion outsider, Brian, the original Champion tribe stuck together and voted for Tegan to be sent home.

However, directly after in a controversial tribal twist, Jonathan revealed the Contenders have the power to save Tegan and bring her back to their tribe or to send her home.

Tegan plead to her former tribe for another lifeline, but a majority of four votes sealed her fate and Tegan’s torch was finally snuffed.

Leaving the island Tegan said: “I’m obviously upset, I would love to still be in the game. To have picked a blue buff and that’s determined my fate of my game. Unfortunately, it is the way it goes. I had so much fun playing and no regrets.”