Alliances crack as Survivor heats up

Last night alliances were tested as both tribes started to feel the brutal effects of cyclonic weather and sleep deprivation as Survivor delivered its best episode of the season so far.

After saying goodbye to Adam, the Samatau tribe woke in a state of turmoil. AK had managed to talk his way into the majority alliance and after a confusing session at Tribal Council, Tessa, Kate and Tarzan were feeling isolated and vulnerable.  Back at camp, Tessa was furious at Tara and accused her of flipping on their alliance. While Tara conceded that she will do anything to stay in the game, she did not agree with Tessa’s assessment. The tension was high at Samatau beach.

Over at Asaga, Henry and Jacqui were sitting quietly at the top of the pecking order. With an immunity idol in hand, they began to plot against the emerging power couple of Mark and Sam.

At the reward challenge, comfort items and a tarpaulin were up for grabs. Both tribes had to roll a huge inflatable boulder through an obstacle course before throwing hoops to release a drawbridge.

Samatau took the win thanks to Kate and Jarrad’s excellent throwing skills, but it was not without drama. After Ziggy took a heavy fall during the challenge, Locky blamed Tarzan. As the tribe headed back to camp, the bad blood continued between the two men.

The mood was flat at Asaga after the challenge and Sam began to sense some unrest in the tribe. When she started to question others about her safety in the game, it was revealed that her name had been thrown around. Concerned Sam would discover it was his idea, Henry decided to throw the immunity challenge to get the chance to vote Sam out.

As they hit the beach for the challenge, Henry did his best at every turn to slow down his tribe by rowing backwards on the raft and steering off course.  Despite his efforts, Asaga came from behind to take the win and send Samatau back to Tribal Council.

As the scrambling began at Samatau camp, Tessa and Kate knew they were on the bottom. The majority alliance would split the votes between them, leaving Tarzan with a casting vote. They both fought hard throughout the afternoon to flip the votes but their tribemates were noncommittal.

At Tribal Council, Tessa put up a good fight. She called out Tara for flipping on their previous alliance, a claim which Tara angrily denied. In the end, the vote came down to Tarzan and Kate was sent packing from Australian Survivor.