Alias Grace Review

Please note this review focuses on the first episode of Alias Grace but I have seen the whole mini  series. 

Alias Grace tells the story of Grace Marks (Sarah Gordan, 11 22 63), a woman who was convicted of the murder of her employer, Thomas Kinnear (Paul Goss) and his housekeeper, Nancy Montgomery (Anna Paquin, True Blood) along with the stable hand James McDermott (Kerr Logan), who was hanged for his part in the crime.

We begin in 1859 at Ontario’s Kingston Penitentiary, where Grace is serving her sentence and a friendly reverend enlists help from Dr. Simon Jordan (Edward Holcroft), an American psychologist, to exonerate her of her crimes. As he begins their sessions and Grace tells her story, it is clear that there is more to Grace then we perceive, and her innocence or guilt is just the hook to the mystery being unraveled.

The casting is outstanding across the series- from Sarah Gordan, who gives a mesmerising and captivating performance in the leading role, to a standout performance by Edward Holocroft. Keep your eyes peeled for an unrecognisable Zachery Levi as The Peddler

The script by Sarah Polley (Looking for Alaska, Take this Waltz) is an engrossing one that will draw you into Grace’s journey. With six 45 minute episodes, this is a perfect fit for a weekend binge.

With its unforgettable performances and thought-provoking questions on perception, this is a series everyone will be talking about.


Alias Grace premieres Friday  November 3 on Netflix