Ali chooses her final 4 as Hometown approaches

Last night 5 became 4 as The Bachelorette headed even closer to finale week.

Before Ali had to make her decision it was time for the final group date of the season, a Bachelorette-style Oktoberfest! There was The Great Pretzel Toss which was really an excuse for Charlie and Bill to dump a bowl of sauerkraut over each other, followed by a near impossible beer stein carrying challenge.

Bill won this challenge and Ali then selected him for some extra alone time where they ordered German food and drank martinis.

It was here that Bill told Ali everything she wanted to hear, again. He’d even give up his business in Melbourne to move to Adelaide in order to settle down. Bill knows Ali has always given everything for her partner so this time he was ready to make that sacrifice.

Meanwhile, it was Taite who had Ali really thinking about their future together during their beachside date. Mentioning that he feels like walking away when he doesn’t think he’s good enough in relationships, Ali is quick to ask him to promise he’ll never walk away.

While Taite seemed satisfied with their time together, Ali left the date encouraged by their strong chemistry but pondered if emotionally he could give her what she needs.

During the cocktail party, Daniel made one last plea to make the hometown visits by dropping somewhat of a mysterious emotional bombshell on Ali, but never actually got there, abruptly having his lunch cut by Todd wanting some alone time himself. His encounters with Ali were warming up, but it was too little too late for the personal trainer, as his competitors’ connections were miles ahead of his own.

Bill, Charlie, Taite, and Todd where they will now take Ali to their home towns in order to meet the family in what is sure to be a must-see episode.