60 Minutes November 12

This week 60 Minutes has a jam-packed show.


When Ben Debono’s wife of three months, Leah, died of melanoma earlier this year he was heartbroken – until his grief was overtaken by anger. Ben says 29-year-old Leah should still be alive. Like most Australians, she was sun-smart and knew the dangers of melanoma. When she noticed an unusual mole on her arm she immediately had it examined by two doctors. They reassured Leah she had nothing to worry about, but they were wrong. Now Ben is on a crusade, travelling the country on the honeymoon he never had, warning other Australians about the risks of this deadly disease.

Reporter: Allison Langdon

Producer: Bryce Corbett



For anyone who thinks Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership is in turmoil, it’s nothing compared to what is happening in the United States with President Donald Trump. A year on from the election, he continues to be dogged by accusations that he only won the top job because of Russian meddling. The most serious claims – currently being investigated by the FBI – are that Russian spies offered the Trump campaign dirt on Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton in return for a promise to overturn tough anti-corruption laws. Ross Coulthart reports from the United States that if the allegations are proven, key members of Donald Trump’s inner circle could go to prison – and eventually, even the President himself.

Reporter: Ross Coulthart

Producer: Phil Goyen


As far as gripping, real-life crime thrillers go, this one has everything. A mutiny, a psychopath and a brutal mass murder. It’s a 388-year-old cold case mystery that dates back to 1629 when the Dutch sailing ship, Batavia, struck a tiny atoll off the West Australian coast near Geraldton. Almost 300 passengers and crew survived the shipwreck but over the next few months, as they waited to be rescued, more than 100 were slaughtered. For centuries their bodies lay buried, the story forgotten. But now the search for the truth about Australia’s greatest mass murder is underway as archaeologists from Australia and the Netherlands dig up new clues – and victims.

Reporter: Liam Bartlett

Producer: Nick Greenaway

8:30pm Sunday on Nine