60 Minutes June 7

60 Minutes this week continues it’s story on Cardinal George Pell, looks at Autism and the tragedy of leaving babies on hot cars.


The Catholic Church is in crisis. The Bishops and Archbishops of Australia have put themselves on a collision course with the victims of child sexual abuse. Last Sunday, 60 Minutes broadcast an interview with Peter Saunders, the man handpicked by Pope Francis to sit on the new Pontifical Commission into the Protection of Minors. His comments about Cardinal George Pell rocked the Vatican and triggered a backlash from the leaders of the Catholic Church in Australia. This week, 60 Minutes will respond to Archbishop Denis Hart and the Archbishops of Australia who have closed ranks around Cardinal Pell. 60 Minutes will also reveal new insights into the way the Catholic Church responds to these matters, proving once again that their first priority is to protect the Church and not its victims.

Reporter: Tara Brown

Producer: Gareth Harvey


They are intelligent, hard-working, upstanding parents who made one fatal mistake. They are responsible for the death of their own babies by leaving them in the car, usually on a hot day. Busy lives, a change to the daily routine, or being forgetful for just a moment – that is all it takes to cause tragedy and suffering that will stay with these parents for a lifetime. They have faced the most serious of charges, however experts say they are not criminals but victims, and it could happen to anyone.

Reporter: Michael Usher

Producer: Jo Townsend


Autism affects a quarter of a million Australian families. For the children, their siblings and their parents, it can be an emotional battle every day, just to get through life. But a remarkable grandmother is performing musical miracles and unlocking autism in the suburbs of Melbourne. As reporter Tara Brown discovers, Daphne Proietto is finding a doorway into the world of autistic children, revealing the rich talents that hide inside them. For more than 15 years, these kids have been sitting down at Daphne’s piano to be set free by the power of music. Her tutorials culminate with a concert like no other where precious children shine, their parents burst with pride, and one very special woman sheds a quiet tear.

Reporter: Tara Brown

Producers: Howard Sacre, Ali Smith

8:30 PM Sunday on Nine